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Humana Dental Federal Advantage Plan

The Federal Advantage plan is a network-based dental plan that emphasizes prevention and cost control. Members select any participating Advantage network dentist or specialist. Care received from an out-of-network dentist (except emergency care) is not a covered benefit.

Please be sure to bring both your Dental ID card and Medical ID card when you go to your dentist for services.

Dental Federal Advantage plan is a network-based dental insurance plan

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Find out more about Humana and how the Federal Advantage Plan can benefit you. Take a look at what our plan offers.

Dental insurance plans questions, and answers


Find the answers to frequently asked questions about our Federal Advantage Plan.

For questions call us at 1-877-692-2468
Open Season - 8am-9pm ET
Last Day of open season - 8am-12pm midnight
After Open Season - 9am-7pm ET
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