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Product information

The Humana Dental Federal Advantage plan is a network-based dental plan endorsed by the federal government and offered by Humana. Take a few minutes and learn more about the benefits offered by the Federal Advantage plan.

Key plan benefits

The Federal Advantage plan is a network-based dental plan that emphasizes prevention and cost control. Members select any participating Advantage network dentist or specialist. Care received from an out-of-network dentist (except emergency care) is not a covered benefit.

More reasons to choose Humana:

  • Coverage for adult orthodontic services with no waiting period
  • Coverage for implants
  • No annual deductible
  • $15,000 annual maximum

What's covered

Hundreds of dental procedures

The Federal Advantage plan covers almost every type of tooth and gum procedure, from diagnostic and preventive services to restorative, periodontal and oral surgery. Even braces for adults and children are covered!

No referrals, no hassles

You can go to any Federal Advantage network dentist or specialist at any time. If you have a complicated dental need, you can go to a participating in-network Federal Advantage specialist without a referral or special approval. You'll pay the same low copayment as you would if you went to your participating Federal Advantage dentist.

Copayment schedule

Dental insurance is important

Dental care costs can add up quickly. When you're covered by the Humana Dental Federal Advantage plan, your savings can be substantial. Compare your costs with and without the plan:

Typical adults costs*


With the plan

Without the plan

Total savings

Two periodic exams




Two bitewing X-rays




Two routine cleanings




One resin one-surface filling




Porcelain crown








*Costs based on 50th percentile of usual and customary fees, 8/2015 FAIR Health data, for the Washington, D.C. area.

**Total savings does not account for annual premium.

2016 Premium Costs

Find your rate area and choose monthly or bi-weekly to get premiums specific to your location.

Rate Area 1:

Illinois (all ZIP codes except 600-608), Indiana (ZIP code 470), Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio (all ZIP codes except 430-432, 440-443), Tennessee, Texas

Rate Area 2:

Alabama (all ZIP codes except 356-358), Florida, Georgia, Illinois (ZIP codes 600-608), Indiana (all ZIP codes except 460-462, 470, 472), Missouri, Ohio (ZIP codes 430-432, 440-443), West Virginia (all ZIP codes except 254)

Rate Area 3:

Alabama (ZIP codes 356-358), Arkansas, Arizona (all ZIP codes except 850-853), Indiana (ZIP codes 460-462, 472), Louisiana, Maryland (ZIP codes 206-218), Mississippi, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia (ZIP codes 201, 203, 220-227, 231-232, 238), Washington D.C., West Virginia (ZIP code 254)

Rate Area 4:

Arizona (ZIP codes 850-853), California (all ZIP codes except 900-908, 910-931, 939-952, 954, 956-958), North Carolina (all ZIP codes except 275-277, 283), South Carolina, Virginia (ZIP codes 228-230, 233-237, 239-246)

Rate Area 5:

California (ZIP codes 900-908, 910-931, 939-952, 954, 956-958), Colorado, North Carolina (ZIP codes 275-277, 283)


Rate Area

Self Only

Self Plus One

Self and Family

Rate area 1




Rate area 2




Rate area 3




Rate area 4




Rate area 5





Rate Area

Self Only

Self Plus One

Self and Family

Rate area 1




Rate area 2




Rate area 3




Rate area 4




Rate area 5