Health and Wellness

Health Assessment and Wellness Screening

For FEHBP Puerto Rico members ONLY:

Use this form to complete your Health Risk Assessment (HRA) as requested.  The form should be completed and signed in all parts.

Health Risk Assessment English

Utilice esta forma para completar su Evaluación de Riesgo de Salud (HRA por sus siglas en inglés) según solicitado.  La forma debe ser llenada y firmada en todas sus partes.

Health Risk Assessment Spanish (PDF opens in new window)

Una vez esté completa la debe devolver por fax al 1-855-408-7841.

O por correo electrónico a:

For all other FEHBP members:

1. How the assessment works:

You’ll answer some basic questions to get a confidential health profile tailored just for you. Once you complete your Health Assessment and your wellness screening, a personal report comes with recommendations for improving your health that you can share with your doctor.

It'll get you thinking about how to enhance and maintain your health. More knowledge about your health gives you power; you may discover some easy ways to get or stay healthy.

2. How the Wellness Screening Works

A voluntary biometric screening is easy to complete and gives you a true picture of your health. You’ll not only know your numbers, but you’ll be able to understand them, so you can take charge of your health. It can help you feel more empowered to make healthier choices so you can be your best self.

The voluntary Biometric Screening measures a range of health indicators, such as waist circumference, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar. You will receive a report of your results and can learn about possible risk factors you have.

NOTE: You will be required to read and acknowledge a Notice Regarding Wellness Program prior to completing the Biometric Screening.

Before your visit:

  • Limit your food intake:
    While fasting is not required, it’s often suggested that you not eat or drink (aside from water) for 9 to 12 hours before your test to get the most accurate results. Talk with your doctor if you are uncertain whether you should fast or not.
  • Carry your cards:
    Bring your Humana member identification card and a valid photo ID.

How to register, Complete your HRA, and Schedule a Screening at Quest

Please visit Quest Diagnostics at (link opens in new window) to Complete your Health Assessment and schedule a wellness screening.

You will be asked to enter the registration key “FEHBP22” during the registration process.

Click below for how to register, Complete your HRA, and Schedule a Screening at Quest.

If you have questions regarding these instructions, call Quest Service Center at 1-855-623-9355

Telemedicine (Medical only)

What is Telemedicine? Telemedicine (also known as “telehealth” or “video visits”) uses information technology and telecommunications to provide virtual clinical care to patients. Patients can interact with providers through video and app technology by using smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

With Humana's telemedicine benefit delivered by Doctor On Demand, you can:

  • Connect with a physician from one of Doctor On Demand’s U.S. board-certified doctors. For Puerto Rico members, connect with a physician of MDLive’s U.S. board-certified doctors with a state license.
  • Immediately see a doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location
  • Your primary care physician can access your telemedicine visit at your request
  • If medically necessary, the telemedicine doctor can send a prescription to a preferred pharmacy
  • Only pay your Primary Care Physician co-payment (for Puerto Rico members, only pay your non-directed primary care physician copayment)

For more information, click on the link below:
Telemedicine Member Flyer(PDF opens in new window)
Telemedicine Member Flyer – Puerto Rico members only(PDF opens in new window)


Pregnancy can be a very special and exciting time. It can also be a time full of questions and new experiences. If you’re a Humana member and your employer offers HumanaBeginnings®, you’re invited to sign up for this special program for expectant moms. It can help you understand your pregnancy step-by-step so that you can take the very best care of yourself.

After you enroll, you’ll get a phone call each trimester from a specially trained HumanaBeginnings nurse who gets to know you, your pregnancy and your health concerns.

Your experienced nurse will:

  • Ask how you’re doing, answer your questions, connect you to information you need, suggest community resources and set up a date and time for the next chat based on your needs or preferences
  • Offer personalized guidance, education and resources that are tailored to your needs and preferences

Once you’re enrolled, you can call anytime with questions—as many times as you want.

Tobacco cessation

Quitting tobacco is not easy, but you don't have to do it alone. Your Federal Employee Health Benefits can help. You have access to proven cessation treatments that can ease withdrawal symptoms and help you succeed in quitting.

The benefit covers treatment for all forms of tobacco use, including cigarettes, snuff and chewing tobacco. It includes 2 quit attempts per year with up to 4 tobacco cessation discussion sessions of at least 30 minutes each, including proactive telephone discussions, group discussions and individual discussions.

These non-insurance services are provided by Humana Wellness.

Helpful wellness tools on MyHumana

You can do a lot with your personalized MyHumana self-service Web page. You can track personal and family health benefits, budget for medical care, request an ID card, see wellness and health tips and discover more ways to save.

Additional health programs

If you have a chronic health condition, be sure to register for MyHumana to get more information about the following programs.